Before your first visit, you will be asked about your health and lifestyle history.  To ensure coordinated and safe care, we ask you to provide a full picture of all your medical conditions by filling a questionnaire that includes symptoms, all treatments or medications you are taking and what you do to manage your health.  

After this comprehensive intake, in your first visit, we do an in-depth diagnosis and you will be ready to experience the treatment. 

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Times are approximate. Please read Home!

Acupuncture Session:

First appointment (90’-120’): £75

Follow-up treatments (60’-75’): £60


(The treatment will likely include a combination of techniques such as acupuncture, heat therapy (Moxibustion), corrective soft-tissue manual therapy, bone mobilizations and herbs prescription (if appropriate), and recommendations for at-home exercises and lifestyle changes.)


Rehabilitation & Movement Therapy Session:

Rehabilitation Session (60’): £55

Pilates Reformer Session:

One-on-one Session (60’): £55

TuiNa Massage Session:

One Area Treatment (Ex: Neck) (30’): £40

Two areas Treatment (Ex: Neck and Back) (60’): £70

Cupping and/or Moxibustion Session:

Full Treatment (60’): £55

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all appointments, otherwise you will be charged the full fee. This policy is necessary because we don't "double-book." It insures you will be seen promptly and have plenty of time with your practitioner.

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